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New download the Scottishslimmers App - Free with your online membeship

Our new App makes it even easier
to keep on track

The Scottish Slimmers Official App is designed to complement the Scottish Slimmers Online service.

It's free with your online membership and makes keeping on track with your plan even easier.

  • Keep count of your Checks throughout the day in your Daily Checker
  • Look up the Check values of popular restaurant meals, takeaways, fast food, coffee shop products and alcoholic drinks
  • Track Bonus foods and No-Check foods and drinks
  • Record your weekly weigh-in and track your progress

Available for iPhone and Android mobiles.

Your Daily Checker in your pocket
- Take us with you everywhere!

Keep your Daily Checker up to date at all times via your iPhone. A barcode scanner lets you add foods in just two clicks, or search by typing in. Photos of food help you quickly find what you ate.

Calculate the Check count of your home cooked meals and recipes and save for future use. See at a glance how many Checks you have left for the day on the App homepage icon.

How to get the App

Already a Scottish Slimmers Online member? Simply search for 'Scotttish Slimmers' in the App store, or on Google play, download the App and sign in with the same details you use on the website. It is free to use for as long as you remain a member.

If you are not a member of the Scottish Slimmers Online service, you can download and try the App and website free for 7 days. To join, select a membership option and pay in-App or via the website.