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If it's not possible for you to attend a Scottish Slimmers class, by joining Scottish Slimmers Online you can still enjoy following our brilliant Classic Check system and receive expert support and advice to help you lose weight.

Eat healthily, lose weight healthily and feel fantastic by following our Online Eating Plan! Scottish Slimmers Online is there for you whenever you need it. Log in to choose what you eat, track what you eat and record what you lose!

Meet up with other Scottish Slimmers Online members in our fabulous Community forum. Join in our weekly online class, browse our members' blogs and photo albums or create your own!

Eat what you love, love what you lose with Scottish Slimmers Online!

An online Check Book

If you are a Scottish Slimmers class member and use the Check Book to look up the Check value of your favourite foods, you will love this online version!

Your online Daily Checker makes
keeping track of your Checks easy!

When you join, we'll work out your Daily Checks Allowance. With Scottish Slimmers' Online Eating Plan, every food has a Check value (1 Check is approximately 25 calories), so your Daily Checks Allowance lets you know how many Checks you can 'spend' each day to achieve a weight loss.

To make it really easy to keep track of your Checks, you simply enter what you have eaten into your online Daily Checker and it automatically adds up how you are doing against your Daily Checks Allowance. There are automatic monitors for your Every Day Bonus foods, vegetable portions and also your fat intake making tracking super-easy!

You will find the foods you love to eat in our huge food database which contains over 160,000 products with images, making it fast and easy to find the food you're looking for. To add a food to your Daily Checker, select the serving size and add it. It's that easy.

You can also choose from over 1,000 complete Meals including Breakfasts, Quick Meals and Main Meals plus No-Check Foods, which you can eat freely! Find the meal you plan to eat and add one serving to your Daily Checker in just one click.