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Be inspired! Over 1,000 delicious recipes to try

  • Every PEP recipe is here - and hundreds more. All Check-counted
  • Simply select a meal and add it to your Daily Checker
  • Use a 'Checks Calculator' to work out the Checks in your own recipes

Delicious, nutritious meals!

Enjoying great-tasting, good-for-you food as you lose weight is what Scottish Slimmers is all about and, as an Online member, you can enjoy all the Classic Checks recipes - and hundreds more!

We know you're busy so the meals are simple to make - using real food and easy-to-follow recipes. There are meals for one, meals for sharing, meals for the family, meat-free meals - meals for everyone's tastes, budgets and cooking skills!

And it's so easy to keep count of your Checks. On each meal, you simply press a button to add a serving to your Daily Checker.

A 'Checks Calculator' for your own recipes

If you love to cook and have your own personal favourite recipes, there's a very useful online calculator that works out how many Checks there are in a portion of any meal you might make.

It's so easy to use. Just enter the ingredients in your meal, and save it in your MY RECIPES book - you can even name it. You only do it once.

Then when you cook your meal again, simple add a portion to your Daily Checker and the Checks are already counted for you.

Essential Extras - a little of what you fancy

In addition to meals, you may want to spend some of your Checks on other food or drink. These can be extra items you add to a meal, between-meal snacks or your favourite drinks and treats. We call these your Essential Extras.

You'll find plenty of Essential Extra and Snack ideas in the MEALS and RECIPES section, all Check-counted so they can be easily added to your Daily Checker.