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How to weigh-in online

  • step on our virtual Live Weigh-in scales to record your weekly results
  • see your progress in your private Weight Tracker
  • get support from other members
  • private or public - it's up to you how much you share
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Live Weigh-in

You may be an Online member but you can still enjoy a taste of the real Scottish Slimmers class experience by stepping on our virtual scales in our Live Weigh-in.

Using Live Weigh-in means that you join other Scottish Slimmers Online members in a virtual queue at the scales to record your weekly progress - but at a time to suit you. Choose an avatar (so you can be anonymous if you wish), then weigh-in and post how you've done. You'll get messages of encouragement from other members and in turn you can support them by 'Liking' their weigh-in too. Feel part of a group and enjoy the buzz of seeing everyone around you losing weight!

Your private
Weight Tracker

If you prefer to keep your weigh-in private, that's absolutely fine - just choose this option.

Your graph shows your weekly progress, plus your Time Line Chart lets you see whether you are on track to lose the weight you wanted to lose by the date set when you first signed-in.

Measure your changing
body shape too

As you lose weight, your shape will change and sometimes, especially if the scales don't tell you you're lighter, it's great to keep track of how much slimmer you are. So, in your private Weight Tracker, you can record eight different body measurements too!

We recommend that you track these monthly and you will really start to see a difference in your changing shape, especially if you have increased your activity level and are toning up. Another great way to judge how you are progressing is to look out a piece of clothing that you'd like to fit back into again - maybe those jeans you felt great in or a special party dress - and try them on every now and again to see if you are getting closer to fitting back into them once more. You will get there!