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Weight Loss made easy with Scottish Slimmers Online

  • Simple Daily Checker to track what you eat
  • Uses our PEP made easy plan
  • Use along side yor class or alone

What's included?

We're delighted you're interested in following Scottish Slimmers' fantastic Classic Checks Plan and losing weight online. PEP Made Easy uses our unique and simple-to-follow Checks system which makes losing weight enjoyable - and easy!

Scottish Slimmers Online brings you all of this...

An online Daily Checker for counting Checks and tracking what you eat

With Scottish Slimmers' Classic Checks Plan, every food has a Check value (1 Check is approximately 25 calories). When you join, your Daily Checks Allowance is set automatically for you based on your current weight. To lose weight, you simply need to make sure you don't exceed your Daily Checks Allowance each day.

To make it really easy to keep track of your Checks, you simply enter what you have eaten into your online Daily Checker and it automatically adds up how you are doing against your Daily Checks Allowance.

You will find the foods you love to eat in our huge food database which contains over 160,000 products with images, making it fast and easy to find the food you're looking for. To add a food to your Daily Checker, select the serving size and add it. It's that easy.

Your Daily Checks Allowance can be spent on meals and other foods - it's up to you what you choose! But in addition to losing weight, we know you want to stay healthy and feel good. You also have a weekly allowance of Checks that can be used at any time over 7 days.

Some foods are so packed with goodness that you should eat them every day to make sure you don't miss out on essential nutrients. We call these foods Every Day Bonus (EDB) foods - and the bonus is that they do not have to come out of your Daily Checks Allowance. Your online Daily Checker will track them automatically for you.

Over 1,000 delicious meals & recipes to try

Enjoying great-tasting, good-for-you food as you lose weight is what Scottish Slimmers is all about and, as an Online member, you can enjoy all the Classic Checks Plan recipes - and hundreds more!

We know you're busy so the meals are simple to make - using real food and easy-to-follow recipes. There are meals for one, meals for sharing, meals for the family, meat-free meals - meals for everyone's tastes, budgets and cooking skills!

If you choose a Plan meal, you simply press a button to add a serving to your Daily Checker and track your Checks.

Weekends & special occasions - Weekly Flexichecks

You have a flexible weekly allowance of Checks over and above your daily Check allowance called Flexichecks. You can use this weekly allowance over 7 days or if you have a special occasion coming up, then you might like to use them for socialising or spread them over the weekend.

The way it works is we add up your daily checks and once you go over your daily allowance we start to use the weekly Flexicheck pot. Your daily checks allowance begins again the next day. Your used weekly Flexichecks will be deducted from your total as the week goes on.

Your online Daily Checker works it all out for you - all you need to do is keep to the Daily checks plus your weekly Flexichecks.

An online weigh-in and progress tracker

As an Online member you can still enjoy a taste of the real Scottish Slimmers class experience by stepping on our virtual scales in our Live Weigh-in.

Using Live Weigh-in means that you join other Scottish Slimmers Online members in a virtual queue at the scales to record your weekly progress - but at a time to suit you. Feel part of a group and enjoy the buzz of seeing everyone around you losing weight!

If you prefer to keep your weigh-in private, that's absolutely fine - just use your private Weight Tracker to record your weekly progress.

Friendly online community and expert support

When you join Scottish Slimmers Online, you can meet up with other members in our fabulous, supportive Community forum. Browse members' blogs and photo albums or create your own to keep a personal record of your weight loss experience. How much you share is up to you!

Visit the forum every Monday to take part in our weekly online class, hosted by an expert Scottish Slimmers Class Manager. Get a motivational message, post your result and receive support, advice and encouragement to help keep you motivated and losing!