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LIGHT - Professional and technical worker, administrative and managerial, Sales reps., clerical and related worker, housewife.

MODERATE - Sales worker, service worker, domestic helper, student, transport worker, some construction work, e.g. joiner, roofer

MODERATE/HEAVY - Equipment operator, labourer, agricultural worker, some construction work, e.g. bricklayer, mason


INACTIVE - Driving, cooking, washing up, dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, cooking, playing snooker, bowls

MODERATELY ACTIVE - Making beds, painting and decorating, mopping floor, gardening, cleaning windows, playing table tennis, sailing, playing rounders, golf

VERY ACTIVE - Polishing furniture, heavy gardening, chopping wood, volley ball, dancing, cycling, football, tennis, jogging, energetic swimming, skiing

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Tips for goal setting

  • Set a first step of 10% weight loss - check the figure in brackets. Step milestones are more motivating.
  • Don't be tempted to go for the weight you were in your teens or pre-family. Our bodies change as we get older so be realistic.
  • If the goal you want isn't showing, it's because the weight loss would be more than 20%. Start with a 10% step first, then come back and reset your goal once you reach it.

What rate of weight loss is right for me?

  • Up to 2lbs per week is the recommended, safe rate of sustainable weight loss.
  • You won't be given an unrealistic calorie Target, but if you'd prefer a higher allowance, choose 0.5lbs or 1lb per week.
  • You can come back at any time and change your rate of weight loss.
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